On-Page SEO Analysis

There is no Open Graph tags was found

This is good practice to use at list next 3 og tags: og:title, og:image, og:description, og:type. You didn't use any one.

The Open Graph tags enables any web page to become a rich object in a social network. For instance, this is used on Facebook to allow any web page to have the same functionality as any other object on Facebook. Some times ago Search Engine bots starts using this protocol as one of the metric of good optimised website. Lear more about Open Graph Protocol .

Sitemap is not defined in Robots.txt!

You should define url of sitemap.xml in Robots.txt. It's very important to make your site more transparent for Search Engines and increase number of pages in Search Engine results.

A sitemap is a XML file where you can list the web pages of your site to tell Search Engines about the organization of your site content. Search engine web crawlers like read this file to better scan your site. Detailed description you can find in help menu Google .

The Title tag is out of optimal length

Length of the title tag that you use is 78 symbols. Recommended Title tag length starts from 10 and up to 60-70 symbols.

"Наша Ковка - Сальск" кованые ворота, заборы, изделия. - Фотоальбомы

Title tag - one of the most important tags for internal website optimization. First of all, searching systems attach great importance to the title tag in page ranking, secondly CTR (click through rate) depends of title tag attractiveness through the website in searching result. Make sure that it contains most important keywords for the page. Detailed description you can find in help menu Google .

You don't use compression

Server does not use any data compression method. Data compression on http-server allows to improve the page upload speed due to their compression. Searching systems love fast content.

Compression of http pages allows significantly accelerate the processing of the pages by searching systems due to the reduction of their size during download. Using of compression allows to reduce page size up to 5 times. Searching systems are critical to the page upload speed. As faster it works - then more pages can be indexed by searching system. Detailed description you can find in help menu on Google .

Text/code Ratio is bad

Ratio of the text on the page to the total number of html-code so too low - 22.961292747088 . It means that there is too much code and few text, it need to make the text advantage. Try to make styles in external CSS-files, and JavaScript-scripts to external JS-files. Also check HTML, probably it has something to optimize.

  • Text Length:
  • Total Length: 18627

The ratio of text on the page to html code directly affects the indexing by searching systems. Large amount of text is looking good for searching systems. Searching systems evaluate the content, rather than code, so the main part of the web-page should be full of text content. Recommended value - amount of the text on the page should be no less than %s%%.

Inline CSS-styles was found

We detected inline-styles of coding design. There are 22 inline styles which robot has found. It's necessary to put them in a special CSS file

  1. tag: img, style: border: 0;
  2. tag: img, style: width:88px; height:31px; border:0;
  3. tag: img, style: position:absolute; left:-9999px;
  4. tag: td, style: height:0px;background-color:#f6a504;
  5. tag: img, style: border:0px

Inline-styles - styles which can't be taken out to a special CSS file, they set into HTML-code. This has negative impact on the page size. Inline-styles are also negatively affect the ratio of text to html-code, which must be kept within certain limits. Searching systems value the content of the page, instead of code.

You have open external links

You have 20 external links that is not using rel="nofollow" link attribute. Add rel="nofollow" to increase the weight of the page.

  3. And 18 more...

According to Google and other SEs, using the rel=”nofollow” html attribute for a link stops it from being a vote for another page. In other words, whenever you use the nofollow html attribute on an outbound link, you are informing Google that you do not vote for this website and do not help it’s PageRank increase in anyway, saving your own page weight. Detailed description you can find in help menu Google .

Too much external links found

Now more than 39 % of links follow out of your site. You should decrease the number of external links and reach value of 10%.

When you using external linking you have 2 things to remember: 1) you lose your page weight and follow it to other pages 2) if you have a lot of external links Search Engine can mark you as doorway or pay-link site. Be smart use not more than 10% external links on page.

Gzip Header is not correct or empty

"Content-Encoding" should have "gzip" value or other correct value.

"Content-Encoding: gzip" allow browser to build page correct. Search engines loves when you help browser to do so.

Title is on page!

Good, this page have title tag! Don't forget to double check it for relevant keywords usage! Here is title that you using:

Description is on page!

Good, this page have description tag! Don't forget to double check it for relevant keywords usage! Here is Description that you using:

H1 tag was detected!

Good, this page have H1 tag! Don't forget to double check it for relevant keywords usage! This is the text that you using here:

URL is good for SEO!

Well done, this page using static URL address without GET-settings.

H1 tag is not empty!

Мы изготавливаем кованые ворота, заборы и любые кованые изделия и элементы.

Description looks nice!

Good! Just be sure that description use all important keywords.

  1. Изготавливаем кованые ворота, калитки, заборы и кованые элементы по Ростовской области, Ростов-на-Дону и Сальске. Сайт Наша Ковка-Сальск.

Favicon was found!

There is Favicon image on the page. This can provide a higher CTR in search results compared with Favicon absence.

Favicon that was used:

Robots.txt file is available!

Page size is optimal!

Size of the page code is about 19 Kb and not exceed recommended amount 500 Kb.

META tags are not blocking page!

It should indexing normal. No META-robots restrictions was found.

It's all good with links

Well done, analyzed page found 67 of links and this satisfies the searching systems requirements (not over than 100 links per page).

No iframes found!

Good! Search engines don't like when you using iframes.

H2 tags using well!

Well done, you can face H2 tag about 2 times! Just make sure that you using important keywords with H2 tag.

  1. С 2006 года занимаемся изготовлением любых кованых и сварных изделий : ворота, калитки, заборы, перила, лестницы, балконы, гаражные ворота, металлические двери, лавочки, скамейки, качели, столы, балконы, решетки, ограждения, ворота и заборы из профнастила, любые металлоконструкции, ангары, навесы из сотового поликарбоната, навесы из металлопрофиля, все изделия из металла, всё для кованых изделий в Сальске, Наша Ковка Сальск. Наши изделия можно встретить в Ростове-на-Дону и Ростовской области: Сальск, Орловский, Пролетарск, Целина, Песчанокопское, Городовиковск, Яшалта, и т.д. Изготавливаем кованые элементы любой сложности по Вашим проектам и рисункам. В продаже имеются любые пики, литые и штампованные декоративные элементы. Так-же изготавливаем любые арки, дуги для навесов, заборов, ворот, козырьков, теплиц и т.д. по вашим чертежам и размерам.
  2. Наш основной профиль - кованые ворота, заборы и кованые элементы.

Strong tag using well

Technically everything looks good! Just make sure that you mark most important keywords.

All images are optimized!

Good! Just be sure that images use relevant descriptions.

Images usage well!

Well done, you can use 19 images on the page! Searching systems loves rich-content and rich variety of content pages.

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