Why we started develop RankVal

2014 History

Rankval was founded by two experienced marketing specialists in 2014. The main goal of Rankval was to automate SEO daily routine: Checking content, preparing technical requirements for developers, writing scripts scripts for content managers etc. And then check that everyone getting clear tasks. We did this during the past 10 years for 200+ websites on daily basis. It's a huge stack of not interesting work that wastes hours of work time even with using some external services and software. We were full enought with that and decided to build a comprehensive system to automate all of SEO daily routine and save resources on daily operations

How we can did it?

2014-2015 Goal

As a SEO-engineers we know that Search Engines use Bots as a main way to collect the data from and about website. But search engines actually not provide any clear data to research and improve website to adjust positions. So we decide to create our own Bot that is close to Search Engine Bots with the signle main difference - it should send us message when something went wrong. It's should allow to control all SEO issues instantly and help to eleminate human factor. We all humans and we can't control everything. Especially if you are working on 10 projects with 1000+ pages in the same time. We spent lovely one year on building the service and finally launched.

How about now?

Now Mission

After hundreds of tests on our websites we found that we created automated internal SEO solution which also could help other SEO specialists and managers to improve their work scope. The results of our first project that still using Rankval tell it by itself.
Feel free to try Rankval!
Hope you will like it as we like!


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